Allied University

Quality continuing education for professionals and associates

Allied University provides continuing education courses for the busy professional and associate staff on-line when travel is too timely and costly.

  • Take courses online
  • Flexible scheduling fits your lifestyle
  • Courses start whenever you decide

Courses and certificates for a wide variety of academic interests

We offer continuing education courses in fields like Health Care, Business, Education, Nursing and Technology, including:

Individual Courses - take courses for credits, transfers or personal development

Continuing Teacher Education - earn credits for potential recertification or professional growth

Certificate Programs - gain valuable skills and knowledge in your desired field

Professional Development - boost your professional proficiency and earn CMEs

Learn about all of our continuing education programs by receiving your info today!

Looking for professional continuing education? The online CE and CEU programs featured at Allied U are carefully screened to ensure accreditation, ease of use, and other factors that we believe are critical for a successful e-learning experience. You'll find courses and programs to expand your current knowledge and to keep you up to date with the latest developments in your current field -- all available to you online.

Once, having your degree, diploma or certification was a lifelong guarantee of success and knowledge. Today, continuous learning and education is required to stay competitive in industry and job markets, stay abreast of new developments in your field, enhance your personal knowledge and skills, and to serve your patients and clients most effectively.

Online continuing education brings this learning into your office or home so you can learn at your own pace, at your own time and at your convenience. With a wide range of courses, tests and exams offered online, you can develop your skills and gain your certifications quickly and easily. Many local, regional and national professional organizations offer training and exams online, you save time and money while getting necessary qualifications and increasing your knowledge in your field.